“În container” de Constantin Cheianu

Producție a Teatrului Ucraina, Herson
Acest spectacol se va juca în Sala Mare a Teatrului Satiricus I.L.Caragiale,
Strada Mihai Eminescu, 55

Program spectacole

La moment nu este planificat nici un spectacol!

Name of the show in English:

«Border or container»

The author:

Konstantin Keyanu

The language in which the show is played:



Screenplay / adaptation:

Radu Gilash


Radu Gilash


Olga Honobolina



Release date:

October 6-7, 2017

Duration of the show:

120 min

Short presentation of the show:


Konstantin Keyanu

"The line or in the container"

Genre: a guide to Europe

Duration: 120 min.

Limitations: Unlimited

Synopsis of the Performance:

The plot lines are focused on the three hardships life stories of three Ukrainian “illegal alien” in Europe. To get their aim - to work in the Ireland - they are ready for anything – hardships, misery, and humiliation, denial of their nation, dishonesty and even death.


            Romanian director Radu Ghilas and theater-designer Olha Gonobolina found an extraordinary artistic solution: big containers were erected on the stage and the roof of which were the venue for the musicians who create the right atmosphere with rock music and which becomes the main pulse of the play.

          Vitaliy, Mykola and Andriy are immigrants who are going to cross the border illegally. Having found themselves in one room they are ready for stealing, betraying and go over the line to reach the goal. The main hero appears to be the victim of the circumstances. His mother love to him gives him strength not to give up. Gasping in the container he loses “the cord” connecting him with the world, hope for the better future and his mother who is the symbol of independent Ukraine.