actor, master of arts

Born on 09.02.1949, Serbaca, Balti


Art University G.Muzicescu from Chisinau

Professional experience

1976-1980 - Vasile Alecsandri Theatre

1980-1990 - Mihai Eminescu Theatre

From 1990 - Satiricus I.L.Caragiale Theatre


Homeless person - Master and Margaret by Mihail Bulgakov

Financial Guard - The SRL Moldovan by Nicolae Esinencu

Ludovic the Great - Moliere by Mihail Bulgakov

Hercules - Hercules by Fr.Durrenmatt

Alexandru Lapusneanu - Motoc after Gr.Ureche, B.P.Hasdeu, C.Negruzzi V. Alecsandri

Judge, Tolstoi, Caesar, Administrator - What Is a Human Life? by Arcadii Arkanov

Judge - Patriotic Victims by Ion Luca Caragiale, Vasile Alecsandri

Ghita Pristanda - A Lost Letter by Ion Luca Caragiale

Second Wild Man - Who Are the Wild? by Iulian Filip

Higher - Beethoven Plays a Gun by Mircea M.Ionescu

Second Fellow - Where Are We Heading to, Gentlemen? after I.L.Caragiale and Vasile Alecsandri

Awards, prizes

Prize for The Best Pristanda , the play A lost Letter by I.L.Caragiale at the National Festival "Nenea Iancu"